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Canvas Doodle 4 price and specs variance in India

For those of you that have been waiting for Micromax to release the fourth generation Canvas Doodle handset, then you are in luck because details have been coming thick and fast. However, there is some confusion over the Canvas Doodle 4 price and specs, as there seems to be some variance between eBay and Mahesh Telecom.

eBay is selling the Canvas Doodle 4 for Rs 9,199, whereas Mahesh Telecom wants Rs 9,499. Some of you will wonder why the price difference and like we already said above; the two have different specifications.

Canvas Doodle 4 specs

You can compare the different specs by heading to the websites in the link above, although there are not too different and for that reason we can see that many of you would rather go down the eBay option. Having said that, some of you would much prefer sticking with the Mumbai-based retailer because of better support.

What worries us is how this new smartphone lacks 4G support, a feature that is very important with the way the market is currently heading in. Having said that, if you want 4G, then you are just going to have to part with more money, or failing that, make do with 3G, which isn’t too much of an issue for some of you.



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