Battlefield 4 1.19 PS4 update live with exact notes

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2015

We knew a big update was coming and now we’re happy to confirm that a new Battlefield 4 1.19 update on PS4 is now live and available to download.

The update is 3.81GB in size and is otherwise known as the Battlefield 4 Spring update for PS4 that users had been patiently waiting for.

DICE already gave users a heads-up on the changes in the update by saying that it introduces five new weapons, a Gun Master mode and some netcode improvements.


However, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve managed to find the Battlefield 4 Spring update notes in full, analysed to the last detail from those who have been testing the update in advance thanks to data mining.

As a result, you want to head to this link to find out what is new in the Battlefield 4 1.19 update on PS4. We say that, as DICE has yet to post their own notes to Battlelog – when they do, you’ll find them here.

There is a great deal of information to read through in the technical notes so we suggest you take a few minutes to study that.

Once you have, let us know your thoughts on the new update after installing and what you have noticed in the game yourself.

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  • I am the smrt

    i have PS3 Battlefield 4 is it worth upgrading to PS4. i only play this game. but feel its not worth the switch yet. please give me your thoughts (without being mean) thanks!

    • Godabove09

      I can’t say exactly if the upgrade is worth the extra money, as I don’t know if you have a ps4 but don’t have BF4 on it, and have it on ps3, or whether you mean upgrade to a new system and buy a ps4? However, I would say that now, 2 years (almost) since release it’s definitely worth getting a ps4. Games are starting to come out that aren’t on ps3, like the new F1 2015 or Batman Arkham Knight to name a couple, and so I would say now is a good time. Certainly the ps4 version of BF4, or any multipatform game for that matter, will look much nicer. It won’t be incredibly different but will have much nicer textures, animations etc…and less jaggies or pop in too. So my opinion is yes, if you can afford to buy a ps4 or the ps4 version of BF4 you should. You won’t reget it. Hope this helped even a little…