O2 network in major outage on May 25

By Daniel Chubb - May 25, 2015

The O2 network is experiencing a major outage today on May 25, 2015. The problems started earlier this afternoon at around 4:07PM, according to an O2 network status update on their service page for making calls and using data on phones, as well as tablets.

This news has also been reported by Product Reviews readers on our problems page for when the O2 network is down. You can also leave the area you are having O2 problems in today, either through the said link above or in the comments on this page below.

We’ve heard directly from customers about no O2 signal today in Glasgow and Aylesbury for hours, as reported within the official statement. The latest update in regard to the O2 outage came just a few minutes ago, which reports the problems are “isolated” and only impacting some customers across the UK with “intermittent” issues.


Is O2 down for you right now and if so, how long have you had no signal or other problems? Do you agree with O2’s statement about these issues being in isolated areas? This story is developing and we will update this article as further information arrives, although it looks like the outage has been going for at least 5 hours today so far.

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  • Alison Rogers

    I’m in Huddersfield and still down was coming and going but gone altogether now

  • blistonian

    Am in Coventry. My pay as you go mobile on O2 has a full signal while my contract line has been saying emergency calls only for more than 4 hours. I have two phones and I’ve been using my payg line last 3 hrs with no issues. If it is a mast issue how come my payg line is working fine??? Ridiculous.

  • Claire Gardner

    I’ve been on tesco O2 for 11 months with increasingly poor coverage. I have little or no coverage at home, work and frequently out and about. I’ve reported it several times including today and I am fobbed off with ‘ the signal checker is good in my area’ so how come it takes days to receive texts, voice messages and occasionally emails. So far no one has mentioned Essex as having problems but my husband and 2 children all have the same concerns and all are on O2. We are all on contracts so have no choice but to stick with rubbish service, customer care, and feedback from O2 and tesco. Poor all round.
    Claire Gardner

  • Dave

    I live in Herefordshire and my O2 business account has been ‘down’ for 3 – 4 hours now. The stupid thing is, my wife is sat 2m away and although she’s a domestic account holder, she can get a signal. To add insult to injury, I can’t contact the O2 Business help desk nor get to speak to someone on O2 Chat (they’re really busy right now !!).

  • Robert

    is o2 network still down?

  • Billy

    This is the worst 02 network fault I’ve seen in 2015 yet.