GTA V Zombies DLC with Agent, Casino missions for SP

By Alan Ng - May 25, 2015

Last week we spoke about the need to see a new GTA V update in June, since it has been well over a month since the last update on PS4 and Xbox 360 and two months since a new GTA V update on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

We’re sure Rockstar are busy working on the next content update for the game, but in the meantime we may have some details for you to suggest what could be in the pipeline this year.

Rumors are building up, claiming that Rockstar still has plans to offer a GTA V Zombies DLC mode. Furthermore, we’re hearing that this will be attached to the single-player side of the game, rather than multi-player.


Some Tweets originating from well known GTA leaker Funmw2 also reveal that there could be plans for an ‘Agent’ style single-player DLC mode, as well as finally opening those Casino doors for those are still constantly asking when the casino will be open in GTA V.

If we are to believe these rumors, there’s going to be two single-player DLC releases for GTA V – one for zombies and the other for this mystery Agent mode.

Obviously there’s no clearcut evidence to back up these claims so we suggest you to just take them with a pinch of salt now until we get more info.

Zombies and a GTA V Agent mode though, sounds interesting right? Discuss these two modes below and whether you would like to see them in single-player mode, not online.

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  • blazord

    Honestly what I’d like to see is R* do like they did with Undead Nightmare. Seeing how R* keeps hinting they can’t keep adding major content cause it can affect the game in a possible glitchy negative way I say why not do a new version of GTAV called “Outbreak” or “Apocalypse”. With the option of multiplayer only so you and your friends can enjoy an completely altered apocalyptic version of the game together. That way those that want it can get it and those that don’t won’t have to. Sell it for 20 or 30 bucks so R* can make more of their precious money. That way it could offer more types of vehicle, with all new car mod capabilities to vehicle like spikes, armor, etc. Turn your vehicles into something reminiscent of Mad Max. Maybe even include a way to transfer copies of your vehicles you already own on the regular version of GTAV over to the new version, same goes with weapons, maye even clothing. As for the “Agent” DLC, that could easily just be added as a normal DLC for the regular version seeing how it would affect anything major in the game like an “Outbreak” or “Apocalyptic” version would with major changes to atmosphere and landscape. That’s my thoughts anyway of how I would handle it. Guess it’s a wait and see for what R* will do…

  • I hope people aren’t expecting the SP DLC to be free. If R* turns out a quality product like “The Ballad of Gay Tony” I will gladly pay $20.00 for it.

  • Phoenixjwm

    i never have problems with friends on the xbox one and we are on all the time

    • You must be “special” (or you work for Microsoft or Rockstar) because everybody I play with doing heists has frequent problems with party chat and getting kicked back to SP. As I said elsewhere, I have yet to get through a heist (setups, finale) without one or more of our players getting kicked.

      • dorkgeniuz21

        I also have never experienced these..infact all the glitches everyone complained about sense the games release I have never encountered.ive been able to get in to gta online sense day 1

        • You must be another of Rockstar’s chosen ones. You guys sure are lucky, or maybe you are lying shills for Rockstar.

        • dorkgeniuz21

          Think what you want

  • The casino and zombies would be excellent additions to the game. I do, however, wish that R* would spend some quality time with Microsoft to fix the multiplayer and party issues with heists on the Xbox One. I have yet to get through a heist start to finish without one or more friends getting kicked along the way. I don’t know if this is a Microsoft or a Rockstar problem. I just know it’s a problem that’s plagued GTA Online for the Xbox One since day one.

    • lalo

      Yeah it’s impossible to play on new gen.

      • slykpimpn

        Wrong I do it all the time… check your connections gta v run best with a great
        high speed connection
        There are some outages but they are usually when there’s a holiday, a new release or major update for any major title.

        • lalo

          Shew troll!!! my connection is 100mbp

        • Sure everybody in the entire world except you has crappy internet. You must be from Rockstar Support. They always blame the user’s internet for their own obvious shortcomings.

        • dorkgeniuz21

          Why is it that people can never take positive information for what it is, instead you guys assume we work for tech support or a game company just because we don’t have he same problems as others..all we are doing at stating our facts and experiences.Face the fact that maybe your internet isn’t as good as you think and or say it is and move on

        • Yup, Rockstar has it’s shills out in full force this weekend. They always seem to do that during an event weekend. They always come on and tell us all how wonderful it is, when in reality most of the events don’t work at all.

        • dorkgeniuz21

          Believe what you want, im just a gamer who does music I have nothing to gain.Look up ” dork geniuz band camp