COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC gameplay today?

By Daniel Chubb - May 24, 2015

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC gameplay will need to release today, if we are to see the predicted May 26 release date for the games third map pack on Xbox One and 360. Previously, this was the pattern for the developers with gameplay arriving on a Sunday as well.

We mentioned earlier in the week that Sledgehammer Games are likely to release COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC on May 26, 2015. This follows both a tip off and also a solid pattern, so this article is to remind Product Reviews readers that we’d almost certainly need to see gameplay today for this launch date to happen.

Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC Today

There’s been no trailer and gameplay for Advanced Warfare DLC 3 yet, also if the trailer releases on May 24th then it’s not clear what the release time will be? You can see a predicted schedule for all 4 DLC map packs in this article along with expected dates.

Doubts – Normally, we would have seen a trailer midweek followed by full gameplay with new zombies featured on Sunday. This has led a few to doubt whether May 26 will be the release date for Supremacy DLC.


Are you expecting to see Advanced Warfare Supremacy gameplay and new zombies map insight today? If it happens, you can be sure Product Reviews will be one of the first to showcase the new trailer and what’s signal for the next zombie map. If you have a last minute wish list for the new maps, leave it in the comments.

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  • Giss Desbois

    why they did n t put any trailers yet if its suppost to be on the 26 th for the supremacy dlc3 outting for xbox?… or mayby it will come out on the 2nd of june instead…

  • Tony

    It has to come today, I really hope they don’t release DLC 3 in June.

    • Rykers

      They probably will release it june along with the update to stop the freezing issue on the 360 version 🙁

      • MachingunManaic

        If it was going out today than we would have been informed by now and would have gotten double XP weekend.