Self-healing Hydra iPhone 6 case review

If you are looking for a new iPhone 6 case in 2015 that protects against scratches, we have a great suggestion for you with a Hydra iPhone case review from InnerExile.

This transparent polycarbonate case comes with a special feature, which actually enables it to ‘self heal’ against light scratches thanks to InnerExile’s own patent on the material.

That means for those that worry about putting your phone inside a pocket or purse, need not worry as the Hydra case will help you protect against any light damage or scuffles that is applied to the phone.


We tested it out ourselves and we could see the results where light scratches would indeed magically disappear from the case after a few seconds.

The design of the case itself, is simple but elegant at the same time and we do always like a stylish transparent case from time to time.

Transparent cases previously came with the danger of picking up more scratches compared to other hard cases, but this isn’t an issue with the Hydra case.


Another strong point of this case from InnerExile is that it’s very light in the hand, just 16g to be exact and has a comfortable grip when using. All of the buttons on your iPhone 6 are still very accessible, so you won’t have a problem with the case getting in the way.

Given the light nature of the Hydra case, we wouldn’t recommend it as a case to protect against hard drops. However, you won’t be buying this case for that purpose as the real seller here is a light-weight transparent case that can self-heal against scratches.


If you are interested in buying one, they are available now from InnerExile for around $25-30. Amazon US are currently selling them for $30 with free delivery, but at the time of writing they are sold out from InnerExile’s own store due to high demand.

Take a look at our images here and let us know your thoughts on this case. Is this the sort of iPhone 6 case that would suit you and your lifestyle?





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