Reddit down for Emergency Maintenance today

Those of you who love using Reddit may be shocked to find out that Reddit is down again for Emergency Maintenance on May 22.

While it’s uncommon for the social website to go down without prior warning, it’s definitely rare to see Reddit not working and experience two outages within 24 hours.

A recent Twitter account dedicated to the Reddit server status has been set up and right now it confirms that there’s problems with the website and that the team are investigating.


On it also says that Reddit is ‘degraded’ at the moment so hopefully it isn’t a serious problem and we can all head back to our favorite sub-Reddits in no time.

As far as we’re aware, Reddit is down in the US, Europe and Asia so it looks like the servers have been hit globally.

Let us know if Reddit is not working for you too and how long the service has been down for.



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