Pebble Time shipping date brings consumer review excitement

It’s been a bit of a wait, but we now know the Pebble Time shipping date, which is expected to start from May 27th, which is this coming Wednesday. This will mean that consumers that pledged their support of the Kickstarter will be able to review their new color smartwatch and give us their honest opinion.

We already knew this device had entered production early this month, and so was only a matter of time before Pebble revealed when shipments of its Time model would begin.

Pebble Time vs Apple Watch

There have already been a number of early Pebble Time reviews, although none of these were from the consumer/owner point of view, and so will be great to get a different perspective.

However, recent reports suggest that things are not looking too good for pebble right now, most of which is to do with increased competition in the wearables market, from the likes of the Apple Watch.

For those of you who is expecting one of these devices might want to watch one of the videos below to give you a better understanding of how the different features work. This way you should be able to get used to the smartwatch much quicker.



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