New GTA V update eyed for June 2015

By Alan Ng - May 24, 2015

It has been almost two months since we had a new GTA V update on PS4 and Xbox One. Players are desperately asking Rockstar for answers on this, as most are believing that a new GTA V update for June 2015 has to be on the way.

It’s not just next-gen owners either. While the next GTA V update on PS4 and Xbox One is 1.11, there is also the GTA V 1.24 update for PS3 and Xbox 360 systems.

The last update for PS3 and Xbox 360 was at the end of March, so it goes without saying that some new GTA V single-player content, or GTA Online content is long overdue.

Luckily, GTA Online Heists is so good that most players are still content with logging in daily and having fun making money to save up for future vehicles.


Others want to see new content though and most of the requests have been about single-player DLC which we spoke about recently in a separate article.

Rockstar loves to surprise players with updates, so should we be expecting the new GTA V 1.11 on PS4, followed by the GTA V 1.24 patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 during the first week of June?

It is E3 fever after all so we want to see something worthwhile. If you have been playing GTA Online lately and feeling a little bored, let us know if you agree that a new update is now needed.

What would you want to see the most from Rockstar, assuming that the developer is currently working on a big update?

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  • That1chic

    Ya think about old Gen as well cause people are asking for under glow first person jobs actual houses to upgrade not apartments. At least give old Gen a chance for once instead of caring only obout new Gen.

  • Cold Swaggin Keyon

    Could yall think about old gen to because we would like new tints and neon lights under our cars and another suggestion can yall make it to where we could get braces

  • Kimøthy Beckstead

    I think they should make a couple new heists for gta online.

  • Ethan Powell

    Cops rockstar please I would love to be a cop in gta 5 online that would be the coolest update to me and a lot of my friends have been begging that they would add cops and don’t make it a mission that would suck make it in normal online mode to where we can catch criminals our selfs and when they get arrested they wait like 5 mins to get out of jail or if they die they normally respawn please rock star this would mean a lot. But I’m not being mean but the game is kinda getting boring just doing the same thing every day the player want something new please rockstar this would be the coolest update please!

  • i dont think the gonna add . money making/betting any time or stock market as long as the hackers keep destroying everything .They have to tackle these issues , at least that’s the rumors

  • Leon Childs

    and to be able to turn the neons off in the day would be good you could add it to the d-pad on the lights switch.. thanks

  • Leon Childs

    i would love to see more car parts to really make your car your own i.e more spoilers bumpers rims etc.. maybe a mirror update and a supercharger for the supercars not turbo unless its a gtr type car.. very little to choose from.. my mate would like stunt pegs to grind on the bmx while i think full suspension mountain bikes and a downhill track to race other onliners that would be a good feature..

    these a couple of thing id like to comment on is the handling of some vehicles they spin out way to easy its not very realistic and some cars come to a stop when in the middle of a drift think they should have the correct power to maintain the drift to beast through the corner and the sultan was a beast in gta 4 it looks like its ready to go on water in this one think its either the wheels are to narrow or the arches stick out too far and the wheels are not out far enough

    it would be good on the mansion update to have more than 30 to buy yet your only allowed 1 and so that we can be spawned into a world where every1 on the map lives at there own home and you could have your best rides sat on your drive on show

    a thing or 2 i sadly miss from gta sa is going to the gym and the girlfriend part atleast if anyone trys to shoot you she will have your back while you

  • Kieran Durie

    I personally think they should re add animals online for next gen make places like franklins house available add weapons such as swords chainsaw’s and flamethrowers add the jetpack as a next gen exclusive and also include bigger planes boats and military vehicles also maybe look in to adding a option to ride horses that’d be ae

  • danny

    and get new DLC to

  • danny

    i think we need a new update in GTA 5 new things can happen new armor vehicles and new guns and buy mansions or apartments

  • Scott MCcamley

    The casino has been sitting there doing nothing same with the horse racing track there should be horse racers and put bets on it and the casino should have online missions and also gamble inside of there also need more missions with the contacts from your phone new wepons like nunchucks and nucklebusters and flametrower

  • Anthony Aragon

    I would like to see hydraulics and lift kits for xbox 360. I would also like to be able to buy more garages. Anyone on xbox 360 needing a crew, join la ondas vatos locos. We help with the heists. A really good crew.

  • Austin Fan For Life

    Amd u need to change the hiests too 2-4 players because waiting for random people ifur friends aren’t online is very time consuming. Amd on top of all that the randoms will mess around to much amd not care about actually completing the challenges so PLEASE MAKE THE REQUSITE FOR HIESTS 2-4 OR MAKE MORE TWO PLAYER HIESTS

  • Austin Fan For Life

    Only one of the hiests are worth a million dollar take so please add more, including the casino like how long can it say opening soon?!?!?!

  • Austin Fan For Life

    More hiests online..

  • Flak

    I think it would be a lot better if they added something to heal you faster than hiding in cover to eat snacks all day, a health kit or something more likely I would prefer, and for the old gen there are still a lot of glitches they should fix, people are still shooting me right through the wall when I’m in complete cover, the annoying spamming sign by the garage most of GTA people use, and the hacker one will people spawn loads of crap all in your garages and outside of it. I am also hoping Rockstar will add atleast a hint when there is a update about to come Ex: maybe in 1/2 months. and lastly I’m really hoping to see in online mode is more weapon camos such as ones like BO2. And more design for vehicles such as maybe Blue tron strips and full black primary colour as the body.

  • iSwagLFC

    I would love to see a space update for GTA Online. Just call it ‘Space Alien Update’, give us new transport like UFO that can actually be piloted, also make it really expensive. $4 Million would be perfect in my opinion. Also for transport could be a really big spaceship based on one of NASA’s and make it something like $8 Million would be fine. Give us new clothing based on the Space theme like an Alien mask, a full Space suit, t-shirts with graphics on them e.g: a Alien on Mars graphic and much much more. New weapons again based on the Space theme like a Ray-Gun, laser guided pistol and a few others. Something completely new to GTA Online updates could be a new activities called ‘Alien Eggs Hunt’which are multiple tasks for the new activity. E.g: Your task is to find up to 10 Easter Eggs beneath the water, the tasks last up to 7 days(1 week) before changing each week. Each Easter egg earns you RP, XP, awards and money as well, if you find all the Easter eggs by the end of the week you get a mission complete and a massive money bonus. What no one know though is that Easter 2016 will tie in with the ‘Space Alien Update’ and give you two themes in one this will give us new clothing and weapons E.g: an Alien weapon that shoots out Easter eggs and loads of other cool stuff like that! 🙂 Also another new activity called ‘Alien Wars’ which is a group of online players on one side and a load of Aliens on the other side, the activity gives you RP, XP and money too. The update could add one Alien to the map too which you can speak to and eventually gets put on your phone but everytime you speak to the Alien you can’t understand what it is saying. 🙂 I had a load more ideas but I can’t be bothered to write them down. Hope you like my dream update. 😉

    • Elvinop

      Dear lord, stop talking.

  • Patrick King

    I want to see new animals like bears an tigers sharks that actually attack you online make the game more dinamic an fun to go bear hunting and all lol culd this be possible??

  • Mtorres_123

    In Free Roam online, I would like to see some more stores open up, maybe even coffe shops, and maybe even people doing more live activities like soccer or a parade would be cool. It would be really cool as well to see the people in the game actually surfing and fishing would be neat. The point is that they should make the people more live…they should make it possible to go to dance parties to. They should set it up for only certain times of the day or only certain dates to happen.

    • Naptown

      I see people fishing all the time. I think it would be awesome if you could go inside the stadium and watch a game!

  • Samuel Hofmann (Sam)

    360, not 350…

  • Chris Weaver

    The gta 5 story mode need a mechanic and a bigger garage for your cars like it is on gta 5 online. Onto her thing is the vehicles, we should be able to buy all the cats that are in the online mode.

  • ronnie

    Open the casino that would be a game changer

  • Naptown

    I’d be happy of I could complete ONE heist. Just ONE. They’ve been out for how long? Have yet to be able to complete one. People quitting in the middle of them, always dying and just straight up being idiots are most of the problem. Heists not loading or other errors make up the rest. I just want to do ONE heist!!

    • Andre Wright

      Wat system

      • Naptown


    • Merc

      Hit me up on psn merc12378. My crew amd I can help with that.

      • Naptown


      • Naptown

        Are you on PS3?

    • David

      Exactly when someone quits or should at least go back to the lobby so someone else can join, instead of having to start from scratch.

      • This. The current system is terrible. What bothers me the most is the fact that Setups that can be easily completed with 3 or even 2 players (where all players are on the same team, for example: Prison Break – Bus) still require 4 players, and what you said is very annoying too considering the tedious load times.

    • Lord_Nick

      I have done all the heists and had the millions$ for doing with same crew, in order etc. I will agree with you tho that unless u have a decent crew you are gunna have to grit ur teeth a bit for sure. This is why I think rockstar have messed up… I think they should have done far more 2 PLAYER heists than just the initial introduction. At least give the option of doing it alone with NPCs. They could have then given the million dollar bonuses to people who did do the heist 4 players.

    • I feel your pain my friend. The Heists are total crap if you don’t have a crew that’s committed to working together. My PSN name (PS3) is WindTV, you can add me if you want.


    we want the glishts on online back !

  • Ben

    Never heard of an xbox 350. Seems like a waste.

  • CookieMonster

    Horses coming to gta 5

  • Xbox350

    Xbox 350 really?

    • lolatxbox

      Giving it the respect it deserves

  • Devlin Asawa

    We need all the single player clothes available online *cough* jackets *cough* also we need the titan or other planes that carry vehicles. And the ability to mount bycicles to trucks or other vehicles. Cmon give me tons of silly stupid ways to live life. Plus some cool new homes that are advertised as for sale in the world should be purchaseable

  • Zack Morakabian

    I think they should add police and military uniforms in free mode, and definitely have the carrier in free mode. Maybe police car upgrades and storage, MY HOPEFULLY FAVOURITE ADDITION SHOULD BE POLICE BIKES, AND IF YOU HAVE 2 CHARACTERS OR MORE, THEY SHOULDN’T SHARE MONEY. IMAGINE A LEVEL 1 HAVING 4 BILLION DOLLARS.

  • jason barajas

    I think there should be a new update for gta 5 online like new hiest or new missions because it is starting to get boring when I play online

  • Mark White

    Make the 4 player games 1to 4 or1to 12 player games the should never force players to play with others some people like to just play cause they have nothing else tp do m

  • Ty’s Blog

    I’m not a big fan of GTA Online, having preferred the free roam of old. Though, I actually am excited for this so called Casino Update.
    I’ve always loved playing Texas holdem, and spent at least 50 hours playing poker back when PlayStation Home was a thing. I was actually ranked rather highly, and proud of that.

    So, if GTA comes out with a casino update, I will basically spend the vast majority of my time gambling. I’m really good at it, so it’d be easy money. I’m not a fan of the heists thing, and most of my old GTA friends didn’t jump to next gen. So, I mostly play with randoms, and they tend to be idiots. Because if the immaturity of the GTA Online community, I rarely ever play it anymore. Fun with friends, boring and even repetitive with randoms.

    So yeah, Casino update is my main hope and goal. Though, I’d also love free roam dlc. You know, classic GTA action before the rpg elements ruined the game.

    • Exactly – GTA Online sucks without friends. I’m playing on PS3, but all my real-life friends either don’t own a PS3 or do but don’t want to buy GTA V. I made a lot of friends on PSN by playing GTA Online but for heists, I can only rely on one of them. I ended up playing GTA Online less and less every week.

  • DarkShadow

    This is fake cause the person type Xbox350. Ya’ll want to know about GTAV go to Rockstar Newswire you idiots. Rockstar created this game why ya’ll reading this dushbag info about GTAV. He’s an idiot and don’t have a life.

    • adam

      Are you 8? He obviously put 350 as an accident.. Dumbass.

      • DarkShadow

        No I’m not 8 dumbass. I made a mistake when I was typing.

    • matt

      Before commenting on a typo, you should make sure you know how to spell “douche”. Also, commas can be your friend. Learn how to write

  • DarkShadow

    People just ungrateful with this game. Just rediculous.

    • supercars


      • DarkShadow

        Oh my bad homie, i made i into an e

        • Seth Lindblom

          So by your logic, by using an “e” instead of an “i”, you too are a dumbass and have no life. People make mistakes. Grow up.

  • With all this support for GTA V, will there be an early-generation GTA (like GTA IV was) this time? I think not. I think we’ll have to wait until near the end of this console generation for a new GTA.

  • Chano Edgell

    Would like to see new heist and cars and the casino

  • rogue

    Lmao, “Xbox 350”


    They need to fix the radio it sometimes skip back and forth songs i know they are trying to do something about these online mods people i don’t really mind them but some of them are really annoying

  • Brad Michael Preston

    I wish rockstar would just continue the once a month update instead of just waiting for other titles to release so they can use it try and stop people leaving online either that or they should just tell us they’re done with online and want to do something else

  • James Adams

    I’ve got 360 and the on there needs to be the casino update as well as haven’t so your petrol runs down and you have to stop at a garge to fill up and pay for it

    • Are you a product of the American educational system?

      • Chris Speckman

        Dude said petrol not gas. So obviously not.

        • Yeah, I know. But he writes like he’s had an American public school education. Otherwise, I respect his ideas even though I think the one about having to fill up on petrol is stupid.

        • Naptown

          I disagree! I think it would add a new level of play and definitely realism. Gotta keep an eye on the tank if you’re planning on running from the cops! If you run out your car stalls and you have to jump out and find another one! Some cars will (should) have better gas mileage than others. I can think of all kinds of fun other stuff…. 😀

        • Nope. It’s bad enough that the cops materialize out of nowhere, now you want me to run out of gas? That doesn’t sound like fun to me.

        • Naptown

          Materialize out of nowhere? Not for me. Is it different on next gen? Everytime I get a star or two it takes a good while for cops to get to me usually depending on the neighborhood.

        • You must play in a completely world than all the rest of us. Regardless, running out of gas is a stupid idea!

        • MoronHunter

          So, let’s get this straight: You subtly indict the American Public Schools systems whilst being unable to use punctuation correctly in your own post. Just clarifying. Have a good one, mate! Good on ya!

        • Really? You wouldn’t know proper punctuation if it spontaneously burst forth from your infected anal regions. Mate? What kind of skullfuckery is that?

    • Zack Morakabian

      Thats an awesome idea, it should be a little more realistic, like having gas limit and real life effects of crashing

    • S Dam

      That’s the beauty with the pc version, this is already a mod. Really hope rockstars incorporates some of them into the next game.

  • What do I want to see? GTA VI.

    • DudeWheresMyHand

      Yeah maybe in another 6 or 7 years.

    • Patrick

      too bad lel