Earthquake in Kent, London wakes up Twitter

By Daniel Chubb - May 22, 2015

While we cannot confirm what just happened, it looks like an Earthquake just took place in Kent after many tweets and Facebook postings. In the last 30 minutes, at around 3AM UK time, a lot of east Kent felt what seemed like an Earthquake. See below article for map showing Epicenter for Kent, UK earthquake on May 22.

You can see the social media postings below that include people talking about what seems like an Earthquake in Margate, Broadstairs, Dover, Whitstable, Ramsgate, and other areas of the UK that would never normally experience an Earthquake.

In fact, we are hearing that parts of London also felt what seems like an Earthquake. This story is developing and we will update this page with more information, as it arrives.


Did you feel the Earthquake in Kent and London on Friday May 22, 2015? Look below for updates from news media and our social media readers.

Update 1: We are getting official reports that the Earthquake was a 4.3 magnitude in England, United Kingdom. It had a depth of 2KM and location 51.26 B ; 1.32 E.

Distances: Reported to have taken place 2 KM NE of Eastry, UK, or 102 KM from City of London. Took place at 2:52AM.

Update 2: 2km (1mi) W of Ramsgate, United Kingdom. Official update from

Map above shows the epicenter for Kent, UK earthquake on May 22.

Update 3, Aftershock tweets for Kent Earthquake: There’s an aftershock being reported by some in Kent, as seen on Twitter. One tweeter mentions, “Worst night sleep ever. Just been woken again! It felt worse this time #earthquake #kent”. Leave your comments below, if you felt an aftershock in Kent?

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  • Ron Angel

    lucky it did not set off the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery nearby…only a matter of time unless something is done about it

  • Alii Lavelle

    Im in deal kent and was up feeding my newborn baby at the time luckly just got her settled as my first proper experience of one bit scary if you ask me

  • debi

    Really scary house shock birds singing and I’m in Essex can’t sleep 💤

  • Madam G

    I’m in Ashford and my house just shook like a jelly!!!

  • Sarah

    I am in canterbury and i not inly felt it but woke up scared! My whole house was shaking!

  • sarah

    Felt in Broadstairs, Kent. Very scary!

  • Fiona Readhead

    I live in harwich Essex and I felt the bloody thing, scared the hell outta of me

  • Rebecca Smith

    Felt it in broadstair, kent. Very scary! Happened closer to 2.50am

    • Tony Lenton

      I think it was at 0252. There was a rumbling noise and an increasing shaking which lasted about 10 seconds followed by a longer period when there was a lower grade, general shaking. It certainly frightened me. I live in the Botany Bay Area of Broadstairs.