WWE 2K16 Roster list with The Authority

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2015

WWE 2K16 is now on the horizon, with Take-Two having already confirmed that the WWE 2K16 release date will be October 27 2015 on PS4 and Xbox One.

As a result, fans are already starting to wonder what the main theme of the game is going to be like, with regards to the WWE 2K16 story and of course the likely WWE 2K16 roster list.

We can tell you that thanks to a retail listing by GameStop, we already have a big clue that WWE 2K16 will be based on The Authority.

The Authority is a new storyline that is currently in the midst of WWE TV programming on Monday Night Raw. The Authority consists of Kane, Jamie Noble, Big Show, Joey Mercury and of course Triple H and his wife Stephanie Mcmahon.


Then of course you’ve got current WWE champion Seth Rollins and Randy Orton also members of the Authority, making it one dangerous stable indeed.

The idea of a WWE 2K15 story mode centralized around The Authority is interesting, as we’re assuming you’ll be taking control of fan-favorite wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and John Cena in order to topple the Authority.

Aside from members of the Authority appearing in the WWE 2K16 wrestler list, we’re also hoping that 2K are planning to add a lot more legends than what we saw in WWE 2K15.

There were some criticisms over the size of the current roster, so hopefully this is one area which the developers will focus on – either that, or put the foundations in place so that fans can create all the legends themeselves with assets hidden in Create a Wrestler mode.

As we wait for the first official details on the roster, tell us who you want to see added to WWE 2K16 below.

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  • qwertls

    Excuse me? The Authority isn’t a “new storyline” lol

  • Luciano XboxOne

    I believe superstars like Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio should be in a High Flyers DLC Pack. I would like to see current superstars like The Ascension, Neville, The Lucha Dragons, and Sheamus’ new model with the Mohawk.

  • timothy daniels

    I will like to see Kurt angle molly holly ivory sable the hurricane Brian Kindrick and also current divas like Alicia fox and Layla and Eva Maria and also mvp

  • Jon coop

    Sabu SandmanTommy Dreamer Bubba Ray Dudley The Boogeyman Rob Van Dam Chris Masters DDP Booker T Kurt Angle The Rock Goldberg Kevin Nash Batista The Hurricane Rhyno Basham Brothers Orlando Jordan