Life is Strange Episode 4, 5 release date pinpointed

By Daniel Chubb - May 21, 2015

The Life is Strange Episode 4 release date is some time away right now, as we have only just seen the download go live for Episode 3. This latest instalment for this series landed on PS4 and PS3 just 2 days ago, as seen in this article and continued the much-loved adventure game launched with an episodic manner.

Life is Strange release date for Episode 4, 5 pinpointed – looking ahead, we can estimate when the next episodes in this gaming series will arrive. With Chaos Theory already on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live in the US and just yesterday in Australia / Europe, it’s now time for some to wonder when the story will continue?


You can expect to see Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room between July 7-14th in 2015, and also receive a launch trailer in the same week. The dates could run up to the 15th of July, for the UK PSN release. Finally, Episode 5: Polarized should release on all platforms between August 25th-September 2nd this year.

We will update this article if these predicted dates change in any way, but for now they are a very good indication for those wanting to know how long the wait will be. Have you been enjoying this graphic adventure and drama-based game? How would you like to see it continue to unfold? Keep connected to Product Reviews for updates as they arrive from Square Enix.

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  • Glenn Hopkins

    my calculations say episode 5 should come out on September 8th since an episode should be released 6 weeks after an episode is released. September 8th is 6 weeks from July 28th (I think). Mind you, another website is saying episode 5 should be released on October 16th, which I think is nonsense. What episode should take two and a half months to release, unless they haven’t started it, which is unlikely. 8)

  • MJ Carranza

    I’m still hoping it’ll come out on my birthday!

  • life

    Episode 4 is postponed .new date is july 21-28

    • Michael Kemp

      Much dissapoint. 🙁

    • Tristan John Wannet

      but great that it says what date?

  • kirito is the ballsack

    they said you would change the past, present, and future 🙂

  • Clover

    Is it ever coming out??

    • Zoe

      I’m guessing on tuesday or wednesday

  • MonasticTendencies

    I cannot WAIT! SUPER HYPED FOR EPISODE 4!!! <3 I can't get enough of this game.

    • Neon_Angel

      I’m so hyped 😍

  • Fate

    8 days or less until release hype!

  • Kayla Lund

    i cant wait for episode 4! i max finds a way to get cloey back to the way she used to be

  • inquis

    can remember samuel said something about painting cover the tracks
    something about him is not right…

  • Deedzy

    I want to see how it ends so I can start speculating about season 2. I still hold strongly on the theory that Max and Rachael Amber are the same person

    • Alyx33

      Never thought of that, now that would be interesting. I loved how you got to behave like a troublemaker on episode 3. Nice character development.

  • lynnej1970 .

    so if cloey’s father didn’t die in that car accident,cloey ends up having her own car accident after the father bought her her brand new car for her 18th birthday (seen in a picture max looked at),i am getting a feeling that max’s powers were given to her long before the close shooting of cloeyand shes just kept changing the coarse of history each time she rewound time.Did any one notice the car in the school and its number plate?(part 3)said something like sx-of-ndr sex offender..i thought that was a clue.but im not sure who owned the car? i cant wait for 4.

    • yanila noy

      That’s what I thought Hahahah so true she probably got in a car crash

      • lynnej1970 .

        well now we know.. cant wait to play the finale.

  • YourPrivateCarnage


    • Zeldaethan9

      do you want it to have glitches and have a short game

      • YourPrivateCarnage

        . . . it was a joke?

  • Crystal Gonzalez

    Need Episode 4 now! 🙂

  • Very engaging story. Need part 4 NOW.

  • Shayna

    The Ending Of Ep 3 Gave Me CHILLS

    • Crystal Gonzalez

      I know what you mean there. First where Max wakes up there and then what it showed at the end… wow :/ so can’t wait for episode 4 now lol 🙂

    • Michelle

      Yes! I sat here with my jaw dropped for a minute. My kids said I yelled, “rewind!” but I’m pretty sure I did that with Kate in episode 2. Loving this game.

      • Taylor

        for save kate just go in save game a select when time is kate go down and save her…