Latest Eicher-Polaris Flexituff details, price in India eludes

While the Eicher-Polaris Flexituff price in India still remains a mystery, this has not stopped a certain website to share some new details to help keep people interested. We now know there to be three variants, one for transporting goods, anther with a hardtop to keep you dry while doing that job, and finally, a passenger-carrier model.

The images are not very clear, and so it makes you wonder just how far Polaris Industries and Eicher Motors have got with the joint project. Having said that, maybe it has something to do with MotorBeam obtaining these images in a not so official way?

Eicher-Polaris Flexituff price in India

While we find these three variants interesting, it is the latter model with its higher hardtop roof to accommodate passengers. We know that it will share the same 600cc diesel engine as those other two and come with a payload weight limit between 300 kg and 400 kg.

It’s hard to say just what these will offer, although we do know that they will target the likes of the Mahindra Gio and the Tata Magic Iris.

The Eicher Polaris Flexituff will be rear-wheel drive and will have a fuel efficiency rating of 25 km/l. Like we said above, we still have no idea of pricing for these models, or when they will go on sale. However, surely it cannot be too long before the official launch?



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