Apple’s iCloud is down with status confirmation

By Daniel Chubb - May 21, 2015

The Apple iCloud service is down today on May 21, 2015. This has been confirmed by Apple’s own status page with many yellow alerts for iCloud Backup, Drive, Keychain, Mail, account access, iWork for iCloud beta and other services. The problems started at around 9:30am in the UK and also impact Find My iPhone on Mac, iPad, and iPod touch.

Other services showing a warning with problems include Photos being slow for some users, the iCloud account sign in, and iMovie Theater. As already mentioned, iCloud might not be totally down for everyone today and some users could just see things hanging or going very slow.


You can see the Apple system status page above with all the warnings. This was taken at the time of writing, so some of these services might have come back up and returned to normal green status already. If you have problems, then let us know what country you’re in and how long iCloud has been down or having problems?

We have reached out to Apple for more details, although they don’t usually give responses like this.

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  • Bliss T Jackman

    Still down in Melbourne

  • Brian

    Still down in Cape Town, South Africa

  • elysium_au

    Working again here in beautiful Bermagui

  • Shane Abell

    just coming back online now in QLD Australia

  • You wouldn’t see Google going down like that. 🙂

  • Samantha Plus Trev Norbury

    Sam in the UK, have been down for hours and hours now

  • yeahwell

    And as usual the […insert favourite expetive…] are saying nothing,
    showing (surprise, surprise) total disregard and utter contempt for
    their clients. So what’s new..?

  • elysium_au

    Still nothing here in NSW Australia!

  • ‘Rex James

    down here in the Philippines as of 2PM ’til now.

  • Warren Phillips

    Mine is out on both uk phone and spanish phone, can’t send emails for my business, not impressed whatsoever!!! Both mac and iPhone can’t get on!!

  • pierre Innocenti

    down for me , all my business is waiting grrrrrrr france

  • Kristin

    down in New Zealand for 5 hours now.

  • Liam

    down for me. Nightmare. Can’t access email. UK.

  • John Hobart Lawrence

    down on #Guam. mail + other bits

  • Tony

    Tried to use find my iPhone on the 5S and online at their website, both down. Now I see why with Apple’s status page reporting loads of iCloud related services down on May 21st. I’m in London, UK.

  • ben

    Cant get email from iCloud on my iPhone 6, nightmare.