Yahoo Mail server problems testing patience

By Daniel Chubb - May 20, 2015

The Yahoo Mail server problems being experienced across the United States today are testing user patience. While it’s unclear if UK users of this online email service are also impacted, we have received a number of complaints from Product Reviews readers and they wanted us to highlight the issues.

One email said, “Constant problems with Yahoo Mail servers throughout May, 2015. Today, I decided to move my email to Gmail and while this wasn’t something I wanted to do, I was left with no choice following a nightmare month for trying to access messages through Yahoo Mail. As mentioned by others on the likes of Down Today, Yahoo need to focus on improving their service and servers rather than start new ventures”.

The problems sent to our inbox were not alone, as outage websites have hundreds of problems being reported this week along with Twitter seeing daily glitches tweeted. One tweet said, “No Yahoo mail all week, getting connection to server failed”. Another reports, “I just keep being asked for my password on iPad, but it’s correct”.


There will always be problems with most services and many of these are expected considering there’s millions of users. While we agree that Yahoo Mail isn’t down totally, there’s certainly problems with certain users that seem above what should be experienced.

If you want to raise awareness of any Yahoo Mail problems today, then leave a comment below. We have reached out to Yahoo on official channels, but haven’t received a response at the time of publication. This article will be updated with any official statements in regard to these email and claimed server issues.

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  • Keely Stahl

    Problems all day today with email – delays, errors, etc. — but this is nothing new with Yahoo. Their email has become a constant exercise in frustration. Since their ridiculous “upgrade” in 2013 Yahoo has been full of ongoing bugs, service interruptions, delays, errors, and the like, and when pressed for comment their CEO basically said its users can go F themselves. They have a new thing where they send surveys to their users, but since it began last year not one survey has had anything to do with service or functionality, it’s all getting input about possible new features. A shame that Yahoo, which was once THE go-to search engine as well as the most flawless and well designed webmail system available, has turned into such trash.

  • Phyllis Gregerman

    Since downloading the latest update I have NO access on my IPad. None! App starts to open then shuts down back to my main screen. Hate to leave yahoo mail but this is just pushing me to do so. Sick of it!!!!!!

  • Yeah, I too am facing severe problems accessing my Yahoo! mail since Friday. The mailboxes mostly do not open, whether in Firefox, IE 11 or Chrome. I tried by deleting the browsing histories on all the three browsers…none helped. I access the Internet via BSNL Broadband, and today even tried through the 3G dongles of Airtel and Reliance Telecom. I am a subscriber to the paid services of Yahoo! mail, and I dread the plight of the users of free Yahoo! mail.

    BTW, I am located in Dibrugarh, which is a city in Assam in India.

  • Michele Mcmurray

    I can get my mail at least I think I’m getting all of it I just can’t get rid of it after I’ve read it! It just keeps showing up as new mail! What the heck?!

  • Guerilla2001

    I notice I can still get my advertisements… just no mail

  • Cheri Frey Bornstein Benefiel

    My desk top will finally load yahoo mail but it still won’t load on my Iphone 6.

  • Cheri Frey Bornstein Benefiel

    My desk top will finally load yahoo mail but it still won’t load on my Iphone 6.

  • Karen

    I can’t get email, is yahoo mail still down?

  • Billy

    No Mail today, in fact it’s been down since 5/19/15.