Street Fighter 5 M.Bison gameplay relives Xbox One pain

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2015

Capcom has given Xbox One owners another reminder of what they will be missing, by finally releasing the Street Fighter 5 M.Bison gameplay trailer.

Remember, M.Bison was teased in the last gameplay video and now we get to see the general up close and personal in a 1v1 match-up against Charlie Nash.

M.Bison’s moves in Street Fighter 5 are going to include a few new specials, but obviously keeping the infamous psycho crusher special which you can see towards the end of the clip.


The graphics look amazing and some of M.Bison’s combos in Street Fighter 5 look very technical too. Remember the game is a console exclusive on PS4 and will feature cross-platform play with the PC version – a very rare occasion where PC and PS4 owners will be able to play on the same servers.

Xbox One owners won’t like to see Street Fighter 5 in the headlines each time, as some still can’t believe that they won’t be able to play it like everyone else.

Check out the M.Bison gameplay below and let us know who you want to see revealed next.

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  • Deeboy

    Mortal Kombat X and Killer instinct says hi!

    • E32015


      • Deeboy

        LOL. Each fighting game is unique in its own right. So putting it the way you put it is your opinion. Of all the ones mentioned street fighter is the least evolved.