New COD AW PS3 1.15 notes after massive update

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2015

We can see that a new COD AW update for PS3 has just gone live today. The next time you boot up the game, you should be prompted to install the Advanced Warfare 1.15 update on PS3 as we’ve already had the notification to install.

Unfortunately though, Sledgehammer Games has yet to reveal what is new in the update. We’re not the only ones who are asking the same question either, so as usual we will have to wait for SH to update their forum post with the full changes.

However when the Advanced Warfare PS3 1.15 update notes go live, you will find them via this link. Sledgehammer Games will update this post in a matter of hours so you can read them in detail once they are live.


Considering that the PS3 is typically the last platform to receive the update, the notes should be similar to the last update on Xbox 360.

This means that it could involve changes such as matchmaking improvements and connectivity optimisations. SH Games also tweaked the MK14, ASM1, EPM3 and the Pytaek weapons, so it’s a fairly sizeable update.

For those that want a heads-up on the likely changes and to see what could possibly be new in the 1.15 AW patch on PS3 – head to the Xbox 360 update notes here.

As we wait for the notes to go live, let us know what changes you spot in the game if you have just installed the update on PS3.

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  • Raj Maru

    My update does not install. It keeps saying corrupted data. Why?

  • someone

    The option to purchase supply drops for PS3 has been removed~!!!! But, it’s still there for PS4. What’s happening here?

    I could purchase them on the 19th of may, now I cannot. Please fix this~!!!!!