Destiny Prison of Elders End Game perks and gear list

Hours ago we gave you an initial heads-up on some of the new weapons you can receive with the House of Wolves expansion that has just gone live in Destiny.

Now though, we can bring you a more detailed look at the Destiny Prison of Elders End Game perks list, showing you exactly what you can get by grinding for Armor, Helm, Chest, Gauntlet and Leg items.

They include new gear such as the Kellhunter’s Sight Hunter Helmet, the Kellslayer’s Cuirass Chest armor for the Titan and the Kellbreaker’s Gloves gauntlets for the Warlock.


On top of that, there’s also individual third-party perks for Helms, Chests, Gauntlets and Legs – each of which carry new abilities such as increasing the amount of Heavy Weapon ammunition you can carry and much more.

The Cabal Stalker Leg perk also sounds really exciting, as it has the ability to increase Agility and Grenade recharge when fighting Cabal in the Prison of Elders.

Planet Destiny has detailed all of the new perks and their abilities with a very easy to read format. Check that out and let us know your initial thoughts of House of Wolves so far.

Is this expansion better than The Dark Below in your opinion?



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