Tata GenX Nano car exchange, includes special bonus

Tata Motors has already launched its new GenX Nano car, and as a way to help improve sales over its predecessor, the carmaker has its Power of 1+1 programme running. This is an incentive to help increase sales by offering consumers an incentive to buy one of these new models, and you might very well be interested.

There are two incentives, with the first allowing you to exchange your old car for a new GenX Nano. You will first be offered the best market price for you old car, while also being given a special exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000 in India.

Book your Tata GenX Nano

If you are happy with your treatment, then Tata hopes that you will refer a friend, and in doing so will earn yourself a cash voucher worth Rs. 5000 for your trouble.

For those of you that are interested in buying one after reading this review, then you can already book your Tata GenX Nano model for just RS. 5001. By paying that small fee you can secure your model, although you will have to fill in this form first.

You will need to put in the state, city and dealer you wish to collect your new car from, and then select fuel type, although petrol only at this time and finally the color.



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