Destiny new Reef Ghost locations in House Of Wolves

By Daniel Chubb - May 19, 2015

You just installed the new Destiny update for May 2015, now you downloaded the House Of Wolves expansion and want to find out where the new Destiny Ghost locations are in the DLC. In this article we look at Reef Ghost locations at the Vestian Outpost.

If you want to watch a video showing you where all the Ghosts locations are at the Vestian Outpost, then take a look below this article where an almost 2 minute video does just that. You can see a screen below when a Ghost Fragment was received in The Reef.


Third Destiny Reef Ghost Location at Vestian Outpost – In fact, there’s also a third Ghost location revealed after this video went live. You just follow the walkway that takes you around to a pile of boxes, after passing Brother Vance, and then jump on the boxes followed by walking along the wall you can get to. You will see the third ghost location right there, by the hanging netting.

If you run into problems finding all the new Ghost locations in House Of Wolves, then share a comment below to receive help from other Destiny players.

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  • chuck

    the one you don’t have in your video is on the fall wall past the PvP vendor. there are three drums to jump on top of and then to a rail. walk toward the PvP vendor and the ghost is in a hanging sack.

  • ben

    Thanks, just got all 3.