Xbox Games with Gold June 2015 with E3 special

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2015

We have now passed the middle of the month and that only means one thing for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Games with Gold June 2015 free games will be announced soon, so what are you expecting to see next month?

Microsoft had a tough task of keeping up the high quality standard after Rayman Legends, with the last games offered on Xbox One being CastleStorm and PoolNation FX throughout May.

Given that it is E3 2015 next month, Xbox One owners will be expecting a big game this time around and something in the same caliber of Rayman Legends.


We haven’t had Ryse or Forza 5 yet with Games with Gold, so we have a feeling that if Microsoft do plan to offer a ‘AAA’ title, then those two games should definitely be up for consideration.

It wouldn’t be deemed as too generous either. E3 is the biggest event in the gaming calendar each year, so why not celebrate in style with a game that would make Xbox One owners very happy as a loyal subscriber?

Let us know if you agree that the Xbox Games with Gold June 2015 free games need to be bigger next month as a one-off. Tell us what you personally want to see too if you had to predict one title that would arrive.

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  • LikeAboss Gaming

    It’s Massive Chalice that’s the game with gold for xboxone

  • haters BoX


  • haters BoX


  • LikeAboss Gaming

    Or any other games just that we always get small games

  • LikeAboss Gaming

    Please Ryse not Forza 5 I already have Forza 5

  • Phillip Moore

    we will not be getting any games mentioned here Microsoft don’t care about us

  • Tyshae


    • LikeAboss Gaming

      No no no I already have it

  • Casey

    Forza 5 please

  • Best Gamer alive

    But if they do put forza 5 please I need a new racing game

  • jacob

    Do a big game because they always give us small games

  • dudeman

    Gta 5

    • LikeAboss Gaming

      They won’t make GTA 5 free

  • OldSocialist

    Overly optimistic, I reckon. I think it’ll either be Lococycle or the first episode of a Telltale adventure series.

    • LikeAboss Gaming


  • John Miller

    Well, I just bought dead Rising 3, so my bet is that is one of the games. I have that type of misfortune.

  • Ghazi

    Forza 5 FTW!

  • Teddy b.

    Forza 5 will do just fine

  • mj

    I doubt it would be one of those, if the goal is to make a splash, considering we’ve received new “arcade” games day and date of release or shortly there after…and Rayman is the closest to AAA and that came out in Feb 2014. Something splashy would be like Trials, Thief, Watchdogs, Evolve or Alien. Those would be pretty huge…but i’d be happy with more arcade types like Oddworld or Ori…and they should make it 2 new games each month, no more carry overs.

  • ghostsniper779

    Honestly, the best thing would be your choice from 2014 games. That would be reasonable in both ends and make people interested in Xbox over ps4. Otherwise definitely DR3 or sunset overdrive, I want to play chaos squad with my friends or others but nobody plays anymore

    • LikeAboss Gaming

      If it was sunset overdrive I would go crazy I really won’t it

  • Bramstons

    Dead rising 3

    • LikeAboss Gaming

      Oh yeah