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New MacBook running Windows 10 vs. OS X 10.10

The new MacBook is now more widely available to purchase, and so giving more people the opportunity to experience this latest notebook from Apple. Whenever a new product is released like this we tend to get people trying out different operating systems to the pre-installed version just to see how they compare to each other.

We found this latest one interesting because it would seem the new MacBook runs better with Windows 10 installed when compared to the latest version of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Windows 10 vs. OS X 10.10

First things first, please do not try this at home, as the Tufts University student was prepared with the consequences if things went wrong. However, he felt confidant enough to install a beta copy of Windows 10 on his new MacBook rather than using a virtual machine software, as this gave him a far better result.

Without the use of Parallels he knew the performance would be much better, as we all know that software likes to hog some performance. Once installed and a few setting changes, the student was impressed with the results, such as pages faster to render, and the ability to handle more tabs open at once when compared to running OS X 10.10.

Ok, so while this test does not really present anything of interest to most new MacBook users, it does mean that Windows 10 will perform very well on fanless Intel Core M processor laptops.



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