Mortal Kombat X Ermac Klassic skin with 1.06 update

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2015

We imagine that MKX players are having a lot of fun with their new Classic Reptile skin. This was handed out for free by NetherRealm with the last patch and now fans are demanding to see a Mortal Kombat X Ermac Klassic skin release date with the next patch for the game.

So far we have had awesome Klassic skins for Sub Zero and Reptile. Naturally, Ermac has to be on that list too to get the ‘Klassic’ treatment, but the main question is when NetherRealm plans to give it away.

We now know that just like MK9, NetherRealm is offering free character skins with the launch of new patch updates. The next MKX update should be the Mortal Kombat X 1.06 update for PS4 and Xbox One, so speculation has now started on which skin we’ll be getting.


In the meantime, we can give you an amazing preview of how a Klassic Ermac skin for Mortal Kombat X may look like once it arrives.

The images you see here have been created using a mod for the PC version, by Rizzn. We repeat this is not the official klassic Ermac skin for MKX, but obviously a very good preview at how it should look like.

We know that some were not happy with the classic skin for Reptile, so perhaps NetherRealm can take some inspiration from it since feedback on this mod has been overwhelmingly positive.

Enjoy the images and let us know if you would love to see this version of Ermac in Mortal Kombat X. Console owners, this is why PC owners have all of the fun!

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  • WordzOfWizdom

    Would be nice if NRS and the fans could move on from the past and get over the ninja fixation once and for all.

    We’re not in 1995 anymore, kids.

    • Goblinx

      Without ninjas this wouldnt be Mortal Kombat.

      • CHAINSAW305

        Plus if you knew anything about Mk. You’d know that the games inspiration comes from those classic action movies. So ninjas are here to stay!

    • CHAINSAW305

      You obviously are not a Mk fan or maybe you’re too grown up to play video games. You might have more fun with a sponge bath, sir.