Advanced Warfare Supremacy trailer with zombies this week

By Daniel Chubb - May 18, 2015

The countdown to Call of Duty’s Advanced Warfare DLC 3 started a while ago and it looks like the Supremacy trailer will release to public this week. It’s time, according to our sources that tip a May 26 release date for the next COD DLC and a trailer days away.

We gave predictions for all the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC schedule two months ago and this pinpointed the last content exactly.

If you been enjoying everything that improved in the current add-on, then you will have high expectations for what’s next? The way each level unfolds is impressive with a mix of dogs and tougher zombies along with boss-like zombies that can even smash those handy bombs.


Advanced Warfare Supremacy trailer this week, but release time unknown – with just over one week to go until the expected DLC 3 release date, it’s a no-brainer that the trailer would need to arrive this week by Friday, May 22 at least. This would also confirm the earlier predicted launch day, but what should we receive next to take zombie gaming to a new level?


Our tipster didn’t have anything on what’s coming, so we will leave those predictions up to Product Reviews readers. The vague details we were given pointed to a trailer releasing by mid-week and some gameplay on the weekend, maybe Sunday 24th. Again, this is just a rumor and unconfirmed but this tipster got it spot on last time.

What do you feel needs to happen to improve on the amazing Ascendance DLC? How would you like to see the zombie story element unfold? Personally, we can’t wait to play and Sledgehammer has a lot to live up to with the next instalment and hopefully everything will be bigger. The moment Sledgehammer Games releases the Advanced Warfare Supremacy trailer with details on the next zombies, we’ll be posting the video right away.

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  • Cristian Arthur

    Are they going to fix crashes on ps3 for aw

    • Cody Pryer

      The game never crashes for me on ps3…..?

  • Esteban Munoz

    after reaching wave 10 on the final survival map…we seened a badass trailer to zombies that showed gideon helping out the survivor that we played out and then being pulled out of the warbird…. like where is the backstory for that???

    • Cody Pryer

      Wtf makes you think SEENED is a word? I’ll give you an idea, there is no variation of see, saw or seen that ends with D.

      • Esteban Munoz

        Wow ok do you want a Cookie?

    • Cory Wilson

      On the first zombies map you see the crashed warbird where you spawn, which is the warbird that gideon and survivor was in

      • Esteban Munoz

        Was that really the one he was in?

  • David

    Best Call of Duty ever Black Ops. The campaign is the best and the zombies were the best part about it. The Multiplier is amazing the maps had some much detail. A word of advice for all video game industries, I would rather pay $100 dollars for a game that you’ve taken your time and worked out all the bugs before launch date and put as much detail as you can, than a game that has been rushed and I have to pay $60 dollars for. Ps stop making a new game ever year, I can barley finish the one I’ve recently bought.

  • Matthew Rowan

    Ascendance multiplayer maps were terrible

    • Noob_H8ER

      Hell yeah dude. Chop shop was a spray and pray paradise. Shotgun morons everywhere

  • Charlie Gau

    I still think the best zombies was call of duty world at war