Black Ops 3 zombies with classic mode rumor

Black Ops 3 is coming this year from Treyarch, but so far we haven’t seen any details on the exciting prospect of Black Ops 3 zombies.

Somehow, Treyarch are masters of figuring out how to keep this fan-favourite mode fresh, as Treyarch’s zombies maps are always well loved and very well designed in terms of keeping players coming back for more.

What are you expecting from the developer this time around though with Black Ops 3? There’s only so many ways to regurgitate zombies from Black Ops 1 and 2 so Treyarch are really going to have their work cut out thinking of a new plan moving forward.


As we contemplate this thought, an interesting rumor was spreading on social media over the weekend. Specifically, an image claiming to be from the Black Ops 3 zombies main menu, revealing that Treyarch are planning to add ‘classic zombies’ into the game.

If true, we’re presuming that this would be a remake of the very first map, Nacht Der Untoten with minimal gameplay changes from the original game to make it very nostalgic for fans.

While we think that this would be a great idea as a bonus feature, there’s already a lot of talk on how the image is a fake and definitely not real.

It certainly is a good fake though if someone has just designed that purely to troll. Let us know what you think about the image and your thoughts on a potential ‘classic zombies’ mode coming to Black Ops 3.

Would you want to see something like this as a side option?



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