Apple Watch to display Mercedes maintenance codes and more

The likes of BMW and Volkswagen have already given some of their vehicles Apple Watch support, so it was only a matter of time before Mercedes-Benz did the same. It’s finally nice to see this other German carmaker finally embrace this latest device, thanks to the new MB Companion App.

When you download and install the MB Companion App onto your Apple Watch you will then open yourself up to a whole lot more for your car. However, in the early stage this application will only support navigation, as you will be able to put in your destination into your Apple Watch or smartphone and it will automatically port over to the navigation system inside your Mercedes.

Apple Watch to support Mercedes

If you then get out of your car and start to walk the planned route will port back to the smartwatch or your iPhone.

Further updates are planned, such as displaying Mercedes maintenance codes, the fuel level in your vehicle and also what range you have left. This is ideal if you are not in your car and wish to plan a journey, and so would like to know if you have enough fuel left or not.

The new app is not due to be released until the fall for the C-Class and S-Class, which will need the COMAND Online navigation system. However, other models will follow, although this will no doubt be a slow rollout.



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