Xur selling Truth exotic Rocket Launcher on May 15

For those asking where is Xur, our favorite agent of the Nine has just spawned in the tower at his usual arrival times. We now have a heads-up for you on the full items that Xur is selling this week and to see if the prior leaks were correct.

It was only a few hours ago when we told you that a leaker had predicted that the Suros Regime would be offered. We can confirm that the exotic weapon sold for May 15 is the Truth, so the leaker was wrong yet again.

Xur’s inventory this week also includes the An Insurmountable Skullfort, the Starfire Protocols and the Apotheosis Veil. For those wanting to know where Xur is today, you’ll find his location outside by the railings.


If you haven’t picked up the Truth, we suggest you buy it before Xur leaves on Sunday as you probably have plenty of Strange Coins saved up anyway.

View the video below for a confirmation of Xur’s location and items for May 15, then give us your reaction to the fact that the leaker was wrong all along and if you are happy with the Truth as this week’s exotic weapon.



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