New Land Rover Defender Pickup production twist

By Peter Chubb - May 15, 2015

We already knew that Kahn Design had plans to develop the Flying Huntsman 105, which was based on the Land Rover Defender. However, at that time it was only in the planning stages, but things have progressed since then.

Production of this new Land Rover Defender Pickup with a twist is due to begin soon seeing as though the concept version has finally been released. However, some of you might worry about its price, as once taxes have been applied you are looking at £70,650.

The issue there is this is just a starting price, and so once you ask Kahn to start adding a few extras that price will increase rather quickly.

New Land Rover Defender Pickup

You do get a lot of car, sorry pickup for your money though, as its wheelbase is increased by 90 inches and 150mm has been added to its width thanks to wider wheel arches.

Some of those other features that will help to justify that higher price tag are new front bumpers, sump guard, lights, bonnet and side vents, X-Lander front grille, and larger wheels finished in Matt Black.

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