iPhone 6 LifeProof Fre Power case pre-order, estimated delivery

Even though the iPhone 6 battery life is better than its predecessors, people that are away from a power outlet all day will still struggle when they demand a lot from their device. There are already a number of battery cases on the market to get around this issue, but not as many for those who want some rugged protection at the same time.

It is for this reason why we feel you will be pleased that LifeProof has finally started to take pre-orders for its FRĒ Power for iPhone 6 Case. We have been waiting for this model ever since its other cases were released, and so knowing that you can finally pre-order one is sure to make many of you happy.

Before you do order one, we would just like to inform you that the estimated delivery date for the iPhone 6 LifeProof Fre Power case will be after June 19th, as this is when the case maker gets its stock.

iPhone 6 LifeProof Fre Power case

However, if you have waited this long, then we are sure another month will not hurt, although that would make it 9 months after Apple released the iPhone 6.

As for those main features, you get a battery capacity of 2,600 milliamp-hour, which can be tapped into at any time to top up the phone battery by pressing the button on the case.

There are built-in port covers for added protection, along with a screen protector and being waterproof up to 6.6 feet.

As for price, you will pay $130 in the US, which isn’t too bad considering the amount of protection and extra battery life your phone will gain.



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