GTA V PC mod gives you secret locations

We have yet another example to show you why PC owners were so excited about getting their hands on GTA V. Another amazing mod is available, this one actually letting you view GTA V secret locations that Rockstar didn’t intend to make available by normal means.

In the realm of the GTA V underworld though, anything is possible with the help of mods. Now with the GTA V Open All Interiors mod by NewTheft – you can access areas of the game previously inaccessible on console versions.

These include warehouses, meat factories, sheriffs office and even an office block with pedestrians working behind the desk!


Watching the footage ourselves, it’s a mystery why Rockstar blocked these interiors from console versions. Did they simply run out of time, or was it case of console versions not having enough resources to load all of the extra content?

Either way, PC players can enjoy all of this. Download the GTA V Open All Interiors mod here for yourself and enjoy checking out some secret locations for the first time.

If you have already installed this mod, let us know what you think about it below.



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