Jason in Mortal Kombat X without a mask

If you ever wanted to see what Jason looks like without a mask in Mortal Kombat X, now is the opportunity to witness it for the very first time.

Jason wears a mask in the game and is not meant to be seen without it. However, thanks to some crafty PC mods, some users have been able to uncover some images which show Jason without a mask.

It also confirms that developers NetherRealm created facial features for Jason beneath the mask, even if they didn’t intend to publicly show it to players.


There he is above in all his glory, as the image has been uploaded over on the TestYourMight forums. We’re not sure how long this image is going to be around so enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s a bit surreal seeing Jason without his hockey mask – perhaps we’re just shocked as he actually looks like a handsome chap, rather than a monster.

Check out the image and let us know what you think – just a little treat for you as we wait for Predator to drop!



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