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Ultra HD Blu-ray player models due for release

When the DVD was first introduced we were blown away with its quality, so just imagine how we felt with the introduction of the Blu-ray? However, while this technology has remained the same for several years now, the age of fast Internet speeds meant that we were able to take advantage of 4K quality streaming.

Being able to watch 4K content puts Blu-ray to shame, hence why there is the need for the Ultra HD Blu-ray to finally get its release. The good news is, its specification is now complete and that means we should expect to see the release of Ultra HD Blu-ray players later this year.

Ultra HD Blu-ray player models due for release

One of the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player models is excepted to be from Panasonic, as they had a model on show during CES, and said its release would be in the second half of 2015.

The added advantage of those upcoming players is that they will already support a huge number of Blu-ray discs already out. However, the new discs will be able to hold far more information, which it needs to because the improved video and audio quality does take up more space.

These discs are said to hold 66GB or 100GB of data, which is a big increase over standard Blu-ray. It will certainly be interesting to see what other manufacturers come up with, as we suspect to see the launch of Samsung, LG and Sony Ultra HD Blu-ray players in the coming months.



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