Pinpointing Destiny Xur location for May 15

By Alan Ng - May 13, 2015

We are again approaching another appearance from Xur and this time, players will be hoping for another surprise after the Agent of the Nine offered the exciting Thunderlord exotic machine gun last week.

The Destiny Xur location for May 15 will be revealed on Friday and as usual, the times of appearance will be the same each week.

That means, players in the UK can expect to find Xur at 10am UK time, while those in the US can find Xur’s spawn time at 2am Pacific and 5am Eastern Time – remember, times are one hour forward now due to the switch to Summer timezones.


Nobody was expecting to see the Thunderlord appear, so it would be great to see another weapon that we haven’t seen for a long time too – The Last Word, Ice Breaker or even Gjallarhorn could be some suggestions.

Are you still playing Destiny daily and loving it? Or do you admit to only logging in every Friday in the hope that Xur offers something worthy?

As always, we’ll be the first to let you know where Xur is on Friday May 15 and what items Xur is selling this week.

What should Xur sell?

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