PS4 users getting new Paypal payment features

By Alan Ng - May 12, 2015

Sony has decided to strengthen their payment and security options on PS4, for users who are looking for an added peace of mind when making payments via their credit card with all their data stored on Sony’s servers.

After a brief period of maintenance, PS4 users will now notice that Sony has added new PayPal integration, as well as more payment options onto the PlayStation Store when purchasing goods.

Sony has confirmed the changes on the official PlayStation Forums, which should now be in effect the next time you are browsing the PS Store.


If it adds further ways to protect payment details and avoid problems happening in future like the infamous PS3 data hack – then these kinds of changes are always welcome.

Let’s hope that the next news we hear about PS4 features are about DLNA and PS4 folder support – seriously, when are these two simple features going to arrive?

Either way, let us know if you have spotted these new payment features on your console. It could take a little while for regions to update with the changes.

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