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My Idol Android app in beta

The My Idol Android app might not have a release date just yet for public users, but there’s a beta version already in the wild and you can even give it a test run for just $1. You still won’t be able to use an English version, although there’s a guide offering more details on what to do and how to use this popular application.

Fans already using the app on iPhone know all about turning their selfie into an avatar or 3D model, which you can then customize with new poses, clothes, and much more.

If you want to get started with the My Idol app for Android right now, then you can download after reading the instructions on the official website. You can fill out a form here, which notifies those that sign up exactly when a free Android app is available.


The same page above details how to get your hands on the beta version today. In a nutshell, the beta MyIdol Android App isn’t live on the Google play store but the early version has been tested on Samsung S3/S4/NOTE 2 and 3, Hammer Hammer T1, Cool S6, Association Le lemon K3, Meizu 3 and 4 Pro, Huawei Glory 3C, and Millet 4, 3, and 2S.

There’s a purchase link at the above website, and this beta version is basically helping the developers with technical help before its public release. The Chinese app is available right now to public on iPhone, as seen at the iTunes Store US, currently version 1.5.4.

Are you going to try the My Idol Android app in beta form, or will you wait until its public release?



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