Transform PS4 with LED lights stand from KMD

If you are looking to customize your PS4 console in a cool way, you may want to know that a new vertical stand has become available to buy online.

The KMD PS4 Vertical Stand with 3 USB ports is now for sale from Amazon, although at the time of writing it looks like initial stock has already sold out due to massive demand.

The main reason for this, is that this stand features blue LED lighting, lighting up your PS4 in the dark and making it stand out in a unique way.


The 3 USB ports built in to the stand are a bonus feature and the $16.99 asking price isn’t bad either. Unfortunately, it’s only shipping within the US at the moment and as mentioned above – let’s hope that more stock is on the way soon.

For under $20 though, this is a great way to put LED lights on your PS4 as we know some gamers will be looking to do this. Check out some images here and let us know if you are tempted to buy one.

Do you have no problems putting your console in a vertical position, or do you always go horizontal?



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