Ideal Mortal Kombat X Predator move list

Jason is finally on the horizon for non-Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack owners. He’ll be arriving this week as a standalone purchase, but now the attention shifts to the Predator, who is arguably even more in demand than Mr Friday the 13th.

Predator hasn’t been given an official release date yet, but hopefully he’ll be available this Summer as the remaining star attraction from the Kombat Pack.

What we wanted to talk about though, is the ideal Mortal Kombat X Predator move list that you think NetherRealm should put in – obviously with the movies serving as the perfect inspiration.

You may not have seen it yet, but there’s a short teaser below showing Predator’s in-game model as he’ll appear in the game.


We get a little sneak peek of one of his moves that he’ll have at his disposal, that being a retractable wrist claw which we just know will do some serious and brutal damage to the enemy.

What else is Predator’s moveset in Mortal Kombat going to include though? Some of the obvious suggestions include use of the stealth cloak, homing laser, smart disc, shuriken and plasma cannon.

We’re guessing that two of Predator’s variations in Mortal Kombat X will be stealth and weapon based, leaving the other up to NetherRealm’s imagination.

Predator can also make use of a staff and net akin to Cyrax if he really wants, so NetherRealm are probably loving the fact that Predator has so many weapons and abilities at his disposal.

If you are excited about the upcoming release of Predator, give us your dream move wishlist below. How would you want to see Predator in MKX?



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