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GTA V Riot mod brings more chaos to PC

You would think Grand Theft Auto V includes enough violence already, especially considering players cause enough chaos between them already on the streets of Los Santos. This is obviously not the case for some, and this is why a new GTA V Riot mod has been developed for PC gamers that delivers even more chaos.

Currently at version v0.5.1, the latest update fixed a bug that allowed rioters to spawn with grenades and then stand idle. While the update didn’t totally fix the problem, at least for now you won’t see rioters spawn with grenades, but this feature is expected to return once the issue is totally fixed.


In this GTA V Riot mode you will find every pedestrian has a weapon, so they won’t be running away or just trying to punch you after installing this mod. The pedestrians are angry and after your blood, although it’s worth noting they will attack anyone and not just you.

There’s no cops with this GTA V Riot mod and it’s activated by simply pressing F7 to toggle on/off. You can see the PC mod in action by watching the gameplay below, so take a look and let us know if this tops the list of your favorite GTA V PC mods? You can find details for downloading this mod on this page.



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