GTA V iCEnhancer mod download will be worth wait

There is a lot of excitement in the air among GTA V players on PC. Not only does the game look amazing out of the box with a decent hardware setup, but the experience can be increased tenfold with the help of GTA V graphics mods.

The most infamous of which is undoubtedly going to be the GTA V iCEnhancer mod download for PC, the same graphical tools that were used to stunning effect with the PC version of GTA IV.

Now, we can give you an early preview of how the GTA V iCEnhancer mod is looking so far. A public iCEnhancer download link for GTA V is not available yet, but judging by this alpha build progress is coming along very nicely.


The graphics look absolutely mind blowing in the clip below, we especially love the last part when the speedboat is cruising through the river valley.

We know that many PC owners were upset with the ‘console’ favoritism, but we think there will be no complaints as soon as these graphics mods start appearing in the masses.

All eyes are on when the GTA V iCEnhancer mod release date will be available so we’ll keep you posted. For now, watch the video below and if you play the console version of GTA V – let us know if you are feeling slightly jealous right now.



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