Apple Watch charging case on a budget

Now that people have started to finally get their hands on the Apple Watch, they have been looking at ways in which to make their life a little easier when it comes to charging them. The most elegant way is what you get when you order the Apple Watch Edition models, but that means parting with $10,000 plus, which is not ideal for most of you.

However, there is another way and 9To5 Mac was only too happy to share this with its readers. It would seem with a little bit of time and effort, you could actually make your very own Apple Watch charging case on a small budget of less that $10.

Chean and easy Apple Watch charging case

Before you see how this is done in the video below, it is worth pointing out that you will need to drill a few holes in the bottom of the case Apple’s smartwatch comes in, which might worry a few of you. It’s up to you if you proceed at this point.

The process took the guy in the video far longer, as he had to make sure he was doing things right, but if you watch the video it is likely to take you around half an hour, not bad when you consider what you get at the end.

The end result is pretty cool, but not really an elegant solution.



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