Secret Fallout 4 gameplay at E3 2015 teased

We have all been starved of Fallout 4 news and gameplay in recent months, with Bethesda still choosing to keep the game secret and away from the public eye.

However, some very exciting rumors have popped up this week, suggesting that Bethesda is finally ready to show the game behind closed doors.

A rumor from PC Games in Germany claims that Fallout 4 gameplay will be shown at E3 2015, but only to the press who have been specifically invited to the event.


We know that this is the same tactic which was used to unveil Star Wars Battlefront footage for the first time and now it looks like Bethesda could be following suit with Fallout 4.

Obviously there’s no confirmation from the developer yet, but it seems a perfect time to see the game since we have not heard a single thing since Fallout 3 in 2008.

If Bethesda are really showing the game off behind closed doors first, hopefully it means that the public reveal will be coming after Summer.

Let us know what you think of this – are you ready to play Fallout 4 after a long wait?



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