Project Cars gameplay in 4K looks great

If you want a progress report on how Project Cars is shaping up, we have a fantastic video for you to check out now. For those that have the luxury of owning a 4K capable PC, you can now enjoy Project Cars gameplay running in 4K resolution.

The game has just launched in Europe, but those in the US will have to wait until next week to play the game. If you are getting the PC version, you can enjoy the best graphics thanks to 4K support, but the game is still looking very impressive on Xbox One and PS4 too.

Focusing on the Windows version though, a new video has just been published by Games Under Pressure, giving you an idea of how Project Cars looks when unleashed in 4K quality.


Obviously you will need a supporting monitor to see the true quality, while you’ll also have to deal with YouTube’s compression tools – but it’s still great nevertheless.

For those wondering, this particular gameplay is using the powerful NVIDIA GTX GeForce Titan X quad SLI, along with an Intel Core i7 5960X octa-core processor.

Will you be able to get close to this quality on PC? Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.



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