Full 2016 Ford Mustang California Special details imminent

Its been a few years since Ford released a California Special version of its Mustang, an image of which you can see below. However, there is now plans for the sixth generation model to get the same treatment, details of which will be imminent.

Full 2016 Ford Mustang California Special details will be announced this coming Monday, May 11, 2015. Ford has teased us with a single image of the latest GT/CS, although only of its badge.

2016 Ford Mustang California Special

We know that it is frustrating for Ford to tease us like this, as we know you are eager to find out what the 2016 Ford Mustang California Special design tweaks and specs will be.

However, try not to get too worked up because the reveal is just days away and you also have the weekend to help you forgot about it. We will be waiting though because we cannot wait to see what new wheels, paint options, spoilers, trims and badges will adorn this upcoming model.

What we will be interested to see is how this California Special compares to that of the Saleen Black, which we feel is one of the better edition models.



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