Destiny Thunderlord review after fully upgraded

If you are just booting up Destiny this week and looking to see what exotic weapon Xur is selling, you’ll be pleased to hear that he has the mighty Thunderlord machine gun.

This beast of a weapon has not been seen in Xur’s inventory for a long time and if you haven’t got one, you are probably wondering if it is worth the 17 strange coins.

Considering that other less useful weapons cost 23, we would say that it is most definitely worth a purchase. Xur has not had this weapon as far as we can remember and it could be a very long time until he has it again.


The Thunderlord comes with its unique ability Lightning Rounds, which have the ability to fire faster and with greater accuracy the longer you hold down the trigger.

The machine gun also has the Feeding Frenzy ability, which is rather exciting as you can increase the reload time with each kill for a short time.

We’ve picked out one Destiny Thunderlord review for you, which takes a look at the weapon fully upgraded. It’s a lot different to the other reviews we usually upload, but this one has a humor element to it which we think you’ll enjoy.

For those that are just seeing this weapon on sale from Xur today, let us know if you bought it and if you would recommend it to new players.



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