New PS4 game announcements in October

Sony are bracing themselves for E3 2015 where they will undoubtedly reveal many new game announcements for PS4 and PS3 owners.

However, we have news that Sony are also planning to put on an extra show this year for PlayStation gamers across the world.

The company has just unveiled that there will be a Sony press conference during the Paris Games Week 2015, which takes place on October 27.


Sony are calling it a ‘major news milestone’ in their calendar, so we are assuming that they will use this event to bring some brand new PS4 game announcements to fans – which is obviously fantastic news.

It’s also interesting that this event takes place right before the busy Holiday season too and the period in which many AAA games are usually launched.

Is this a clever piece of strategic thinking by Sony, having this event straight after the Tokyo Games Show and another event whether they will be able to reach out to the European audience?

Let us know your thoughts on this and what games you are waiting to see on PS4.



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