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Sharp partners with Roku for Smart TV 2015 lineup

If you have been waiting for a tier 1 manufacturer to partner with Roku and use its service inside one of its TVs, then the good news is that day has finally come. We say this because Sharp is to partner with Roku for Smart TV 2015 lineup.

We have to wonder now that a major TV manufacturer has jumped in bed with Roku, whether this is a sign of things to come? The new TV lineup with Smart features is not extensive, as there are only going to be two models for now.

Sharp partners with Roku

Those two models in question will be a 42-inch model, and also one with a 50-inch, 1080p screen. Not much is known at this time about the specs of these models, although we do know they will only be 60Hz and will cost $400 and $500 each, and will be sold exclusively by Best Buy.

It is clear to see these will not be high-end models, and so will appeal to those on a budget. However, Engadget has learned that Roku Powered 4K TV models will also become available by the end of the year, although no timescale has been given.



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