Replacing the LG Watch Urbane battery effortlessly

Whenever a new device is released people always wonder how easy it would be to fix if it came to it, even though many of us will not ever try – well not under the warranty period anyway. The latest product to get the teardown treatment is the LG Watch Urbane, and it would seem certain areas of this smartwatch is easy to mend.

Having already taken apart the Apple Watch, iFixit has now moved onto LG’s new device, and it would seem that replacing the LG Watch Urbane battery is said to be effortlessly.

This is good news, although not much of a surprise, as this was also the case with the G Watch R. We already know that these deceives are only good for a certain amount of charges before the batteries begin to lose their effectiveness, and so being able to swap out the battery easily is a huge positive.

Replacing the LG Watch Urbane

If after your warranty period you feel that the battery in the Watch Urbane needs to be replaced and you do not wish to pay the repairer to do the job, then you should be able to take on the job yourself. All you need to do is get hold of a replacement battery and follow these simple instructions.

The repairability score is 7 out of 10, which is better than the Apple Watch, as that only scored a 5.

Would you ever attempt to take such a device apart, or would you rather send it to an expert to be repaired?



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