Juice Pack H2Pro iPhone 6 waterproof battery case beats Fre Power

Lifeproof had announced its Fre Power waterproof battery case back in January, although has yet to start shipping it, which is rather good news for rival case makers. Take Mophie for instance, they have just announced their first waterproof battery case for the iPhone 6 called the Juice Pack H2Pro.

What is even better is that pre-orders are now live and the estimated shipping date is late May, so a mere few short weeks. These cases are IP68-rated waterproofing, and can be submersed in water up to 1.2 meters deep for up to half an hour.

This is Mophie’s first ever waterproof battery case, so made sense to make it available for the iPhone 6, seeing as though it is one of the biggest selling smartphones at the moment.

juice pack H2PRO

The design of this new case is similar to many other cases of its kind, so made from a tough black plastic, which is both flexible and has a scratch resistant clear cover. All the ports and buttons are also covered up, which needs to be when the case is being dropped in water.

As for price, you will have to part with $129.95 of your money, which is for the iPhone 6 model. For those of you in the UK, then the price will be £119.

This new case that offers extra battery life for your iPhone 6 is ideal for those of you into watersport, as you know you can have your phone on you all day, with the peace of min it will stay protected.



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