TomTom Bandit battery charging issues expected

Having already discussed how TomTom aims to take a bit out of the action cam market with its new Bandit action camera, we never really looked too much into one of its unique features, and that is how to charge its battery.

The unique TomTom Bandit battery-charging feature is sure to have a mixed reaction, because while some of you will find it rather clever, others believe that issues are expected.

TomTom Bandit battery charging

We have to admit, the way in which you charge the TomTom Bandit is really cool, as you will pull out the battery stick, which also houses the USB/Micro SD card. This means that once you have finished shooting the footage, you can then remove the entire module and plug it into the USB port of your device to transfer the footage, which will in turn charge the battery at the same time.

The reason why some of you predict there to be charging issues is if you have limited space where your USB port is located, as the module is a bit on the gigantic side.

Not only that, what happens if you are away and you do not have a device with a USB port to hand, how on earth will you charge it up then?



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