Apple Watch ColorWare launch desired

When it comes to choosing a different color Apple Watch, people are limited by only being able to change the straps. However, if you would rather go for something a little different to the stainless steel model, then you will have to part with a huge sum of cash in order to purchase the Limited version, which is made from gold.

However, there is a cheaper option for you, as some jewelers have now started to give people the option to send in their Apple Watch Sport models, and have then gold plated. With this in mind, we can understand the call for ColorWare to launch its Apple Watch program.

It is all very well offering people the choice of having their new smartwatch from Apple gold plated, but you have to wonder how long it would be before is scratches off and you begin to see the stainless steel once again?

Apple Watch ColorWare release

We know this would not be an issue for ColorWare, as they always do a good job in offering consumers a great choice of colors, with the knowledge that it will last.

As for the price of an Apple Watch with the ColorWare treatment, it is hard to say. However, when you consider you can send in your iPad mini and have the ColorWare treatment for $309, you would assume that such a smaller device would be around the $150 mark, or even less seeing as though the Magic Mouse with these unique colors only costs $39 to send you own one in.

Would you like to see this happen, and if so how much would you consider a reasonable price?



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